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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Work From Home

Believe it or not, it is possible to find a legitimate Work From Home type business opportunity that you can develop to provide an income appropriate to your lifestyle. Even if you live in Australia. I have included a link to this offer at the end of this post.

A Little About The Author.
Hello folks. I am a 55 year old Australian grandad (Poppy) who found himself unemployed due to the Global Financial Crisis early last year. I am still finding it difficult to find suitable employment and I am too young for the pension and do not have sufficient savings to retire just now. Fortunately, I have been in good employment and have been able to make some savings during the good years. These savings have been invaluable in supporting my lifestyle over the past year.

During this time (since early last year 2009) I have been searching the Internet for a legitimate Work From Home opportunity from the thousands that you can readily find on most search engines.

There Are Thousands of Work From Home Offers Out There, BUT...

I don't know about you folks but like I said earlier I have been searching the Internet for a legitimate Work From Home type opportunity for some time now. You would have thought that I would have found a suitable offer long before now with the amount that are on offer. There are thousands of advertisements and web sites that claim to have the ultimate Work From Home business opportunity. strange as it may seem I have only just ( Jan 2010) found what I believe to be a suitable Work From Home opportunity. This appears to be the Real Deal, Dinky Di, True Blue opportunity. I did not set my criteria high and I did not expect to Get Rich Quick.

Question: What is Rich (money? how much?) and how quick is Quick?

I was/am prepared to put the necessary time and finance into developing this business as I have resigned myself tot he fact that I may very well be unemployable out there in the real world. All I was seeking was a business that would support the lifestyle that my wife and I have come to enjoy here in Australia. You have probably noticed by now that I keep referring to a legitimate Work From Home business. You see I don't want to just dabble in this or that. I really want to earn a living from this business. It is to become my sole source of income, my bread and butter, so to speak.

Watch Out For The Dishonest Advertiser or
The Sire That Misrepresents Their Products

To date I have spent hundreds of Aussie dollars seeking this legitimate business opportunity. Probably quite a few hundred Aussie dollars but don't tell the wife or I will probably end of with a squeaky voice for the rest of my life. I have even reinvested the refunds that I requested from some of the so called Work From Home sites or more unscrupulous or unfavourable advertisers.

I have tried several different offerings only to find that they are not what they appeared to be.

  • The site does not represent the product that they sell very well. The site paints a great picture of what to expect and when you receive the product it is not as you thought you were buying.
  • I have tried some of the Work From Home 'survey sites'. Only to find that the surveys are not available to Australian residents or my profile does not meet a specific criteria. I did qualify for two surveys. One paid $3 and the other $1.50 (30 and 20 minutes respectively). Not really awe inspiring.
  • Some products provide a bunch of information and dinky software products without any real process to follow. I guess they figure you should know what to do or at least figure it out for yourself.
  • One Work From Home product I bought cost me more to run the advertising than I received back in income from selling the product.
  • Some provide a huge amount of information (by the way, that is what most of the opportunities are - information). So much so that you go into into information overload and can't make head nor tail from it all.
  • Others appear to provide great information to a certain point and there there appears to be a critical step or piece of information missing.
  • One Work From Home product advertised that you could make $X working from home by corresponding to emails. I thought I could do that. So I bought the product. Only to find the product I bought was in fact information advising me to build my own website like the one that I responded to and then I would get emails sent to me and when I processed them, customers would send me $X. Then I tell them to build a website like mine and so on. Very creative!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have found what I believe to be the right Work From Home business opportunity for me but before I give you the link to this opportunity, let's take a look at what you will require because I have said it all along - this is a BUSINESS opportunity and you need to be prepared to manage it as a business if you wish to replace your existing income while you Work From Home.

Let's Put All Of This Into Perspective

I understand fully that owning and managing a business of any type involves a huge amount of

  • commitment
  • determination
  • dedication and
  • self-sacrifice

especially from the outset.

A traditional business also includes things like:

  • initial capital (real estate, franchise fees, assets, plant, equipment etc)
  • funds to cover the first 3-6 months (cash flow) while you develop the business
  • ongoing costs (outgoings - rates, rent, wages, power, gas, stock etc)
  • managing/juggling stock
  • managing employees, rosters etc
  • advertising - enticing customers etc (Most crucial of any business. No buying customers, no business)
Typically this could require a bankroll of $100 000+, depending on the type and size of the business you enter and of course whether it is an existing or new business. If you manage to juggle all of this you can expect approximately a 25% Return on Investment.

Notwithstanding this Work From Home business opportunity will also require commitment, determination, dedication and maybe a little self-sacrifice.

However, as this is a virtual business concept (an information package) and you will still have to do all the hard yakka, the costs are substantially lower. You will still have initial costs:
  • a computer, if you don't have one (not sure how you would be reading this without access to one) and approx
  • $50 to purchase the Work From Home business blueprint
  • ongoing costs ($50/month) for Internet service

You do not necessarily have advertising costs unless you choose to. (All will be explained, this program explores all no cost advertising and there is a truck load of it available). One other requirement is "basic computing skills". You will need to know how to use a work processor (type a letter), how to copy/cut/paste, save and find files and of course, how to use the Internet.

I suggest that you start with a middle of the range Internet service with reasonable speed (1500kbs and at least 5GB of data/month). Your level of commitment and dedication to this business will determine if you will need to raise the level of Internet service. Believe it or not that is about it for your costs. You can spend more that that on a Friday night at the pub or your local restaurant on a meal.

You will not have to spend any more than that.

Seems cheap, doesn't it? Think about this. All these folk are doing is selling you information. It just so happens to be excellent information, sufficient and detailed information for you to establish a profitable online business. Millions of people just like you and I search the Internet for information daily (almost hourly now). These folk only have to sell maybe 1000 of these blueprints to recover their initial costs. After that, all subsequent sales are pure profit. They could well have sold an additional 50 000 by now. (I really have no idea). You do the math! 50 000 x $50 = ???

The link to this opportunity is at the bottom of this article.

Things You WILL NOT Have To Do If You Accept This Offer

  • Spend ANY additional money
  • Pay for advertising
  • Type ads, place classifies or send emails etc
  • Own a website
  • Use PPC's (Pay Per Click) programs like Google AdWords
  • Search for jobs with outside services; the actual 'job' is provided
  • Wait months to see results;start making money in a short space of time (The more you put in, the more you get out)
  • Anything illegal or unethical or against your better judgement

This is in NO WAY a Pyramid Scheme or any kind, an Multi Level Marketing company, ad typing, any type of up-line or down-line program or get rich quick scheme.

Here Is An Example Of What To Expect From This Offer

  • Instant access to the program.
  • A login account so you can log in and begin your training and developing your very own online business at your own pace. All from the comfort of your own home or wherever you wish. (Provided that you can access the Internet).
  • Complete step-by-step training and tutorials in great detail and easy to read language with the most novice user in mind.
  • Continual updates to the program that assures the most accurate details. This is not an e-book, self help program or mail order CD etc. Simply log in and get to work with the most advanced updated program.
  • Access to additional software if required. Ready to download and use as per instructions.
  • Details on setting up accounts to track your sales/earnings.
  • Guidance on how to establish multiple streams of income.
  • All the support you need from trained members of the support team.
  • All of the information, tools and guidance to ensure this program works for you.

This program spends countless hours removing obstacles and assures no hidden costs.
You can rest easy to know that you will not need to spend more money, to make money.

This is a Legitimate Work From Home Opportunity.

So there you have it, for an investment of $50.00 you will be provided with a blueprint for a legitimate Work At Home type business. The return on investment is really determined on how much effort you put into your new business. But you can expect a much better return than 25%.
To get started you will need to spend 6 -10 hours studying and exploring the concepts and training setting up phase. There is more than one opportunity offered but my advice is simply focus on the main offer. It will become evident to you when you read all of the material. It may also take a few months before you see real results as your business ramps up but this is to be expected when you are commencing a new business. So hang on to your real job until you are confident that you can replace/exceed your current income while you Work From Home.

Once you have established the first phase and you are comfortable with the income generated for the time spent, it is simply a matter of managing that aspect of your business as outlined in the blueprint. Yep it is all there. If you are not happy with the level of income generated in phase one you simply grow/increase your business by repeating the process until you are comfortable both with the level of time and resource required to manage the business and of course the level of remuneration desired. Heaven forbid, you may recognise that if you give up that real job you can grow your business to attain/exceed your current level of income and start to live the lifestyle that you have always wanted.

Whatever you decide thanks for reading my article. I wish you all the very best and please remember to pop back once in a while as I will be posting more information as time progresses.
Why not add this site to your Favourites folder in your web browser?

PS. The 'Customer Support' group is excellent (another reason I chose this program). These folks answered at least two questions promptly and professionally before I had paid my Once Only Fee. Not to mention the mail I have sent since joining them.

To explore this offer further CLICK HERE.

Kind Regards


poppyb is an Affiliate Marketer and may well be paid a commission if you click on a link and/or purchase a product from any linked site. Please be assured that any commission is included in the advertised price!

If you prefer e-mail I can be contacted HERE.